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Skilled Representation For Landlords

At Webster & Dubs, P.C., our knowledge of and experience in New York real estate law includes significant work with residential landlords. We represent landlords in a landlord-tenant dispute, and our experience on both sides of these issues allows us to strengthen our clients’ cases. Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you.

Working With Landlords

As a landlord of residential properties, you no doubt have a lot on your mind and a lengthy to-do list. You shouldn’t spend any more time than necessary worrying about legal matters. That’s where we come in.

The attorneys at Webster & Dubs, P.C., are ready to partner with you on issues related to lease enforcement, eviction and code compliance. Our services include assistance with:

  • Evicting tenants who have stopped paying rent
  • Evicting holdover tenants
  • Suing tenants for property damage or back rent
  • Drafting and reviewing lease documents
  • Responding to housing code violations and habitability violations

The laws governing rental properties can be complex and nuanced, with strict compliance with the laws and regulations required. Don’t go it alone. Before you take major action against tenants, it is wise to confer with an attorney.

Consult With An Attorney Today

Webster & Dubs, P.C., is located in Buffalo and serves clients throughout western New York. To schedule a consultation, please send us an email or call 716-259-1029.