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Speeding through Buffalo? Rethink your lead foot

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Firm News, Injuries |

Summertime brings tourists and commuters through Buffalo. Those racing to work, speeding to vacation sites like Niagara Falls or even driving through the city to get to Manhattan all face serious monetary consequences should they be caught speeding.

Police officers have developed technology that tracks speeds without even being on the road. You may think you’re safe if you do not see a cop in the vicinity, but think again.

New methods to catch speeders

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2016, speeding was responsible for over 10,000 deaths in the United States. Police officers attempt to lower the death toll by using multiple methods of catching speeding cars.

  • The traditional radar gun may be used by most police officers in Buffalo. The gun measures frequencies between the gun and your speeding vehicle using radar technology that translates into miles per hour. Police officers using the radar gun method wait behind cross bridges or in residential areas where speeds are lower to slow down traffic or catch those who speed.
  • Aerial methods now exist to catch lead-foot drivers from the sky. Helicopters and drones measure two painted white lines on a quarter-mile stretch of the highway. The time that it takes for a vehicle to travel from one marking to another translates to the driver’s speed. Police officers then notify a patrol on the ground to ticket the individual.
  • Speed cameras, similar to red light cameras, measure speed and capture the vehicle on tape. You may believe you traveled through Buffalo at exceeding speeds ticket-free until you receive an expensive notice in the mail to pay for your illegal decision.

Safety in mind

Police officers’ jobs require keeping civilians safe in all life areas, especially on the roadway. When you enter your vehicle, it proves essential to obey traffic laws, not simply to avoid a ticket, but to protect you and others.

Remember that driving at exceeding speeds may help you arrive at your destination a few moments earlier, but the tradeoff between being late and a large fine proves apparent. Driving slower may even prevent you from inflicting serious injury or killing another driver or yourself.